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torsdag, november 1

Spam II

Nok en gang har jeg blitt utsatt for poetisk spam.
Den slutter litt brått, men kanskje jeg får resten neste gang?

And the blame of it all he did not fail the peace
between england and america
had not that strong dislike and disapproval
with which and was welcomed.
The talk of the master not unfrequently not hours.
A woman might have said all this.
Mac whirter her head
she was not yet quite sure herself.
Once as i dropped off to sleep,
words danced irritatingly
shouldn't muck up people's lives
by interfering.

greatness of this service,
even had it stood alone.
Awoke at the sound of high words.
His jealous charter,
a differentmoderated/unmoderated status,
us, miss oh no, said miss marple.
I suppose you own families.
Everything was done for these children.
Letters that had come by this morning's post
were have mr. Fortescue.
Rex fortescue.
Killed in his.

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Frank sa...

Hei! Jeg har LoLinated siden din.. fnis.